Entry Tour

Well, I'm back from vacation so I apologize for only posting once last week.  It was a bit chaotic getting my family prepared for my absence. (joke BUT not really) I'm back, tan and refreshed!

I want to start sharing a piece of my home with you and can't wait to share my office reveal (FINALLY) later this week.  It's been a long time coming. I'm sure you've heard me talk about it numerous times and it's finally done. 

I wanted to share my "entry" photos with you because it was a project I started a while back ago and did everything myself.  It's far from perfect but turned out just as I had anticipated. I knew I wanted an entry that was a little dramatic but pretty at the same time.  I didn't just want a solid wall so I took my gray walls and added horizontal stripes.  When people walk in they can't believe I did it but I promise, it's easy! It literally took me a day and the space is pretty small so I didn't have to paint a ton.  The wall was already gray (Slate, from Restoration Hardware) so I began by using a level, pencil and painters tape.  I might have done it the hard way but I knew it would be straight if I used the edge of the level down the entire wall.  Once I had all my lines I taped each line and labeled each section so I never forgot which stripe would need to be painted and which one would need to stay gray.  After that I got to work and began to paint with Dove White from Benjamin Moore. I also read to take the tape off while the paint is still wet so you have an even line.  As I stated above it's definitely not perfect but it works for me and I love it. Feel free to ask any questions, I'd be happy to help you on your next paint project. 

The art is by John James Adubon.  Andrew and I stubbled upon this art while visited his Aunt Margretta in Baton Rouge.  She had so many different pieces and I fell in love and had to buy some for my house.  The flamingo is by far one of my favorites and give the perfect pop of color in this room.  

The lamps actually came from Restoration Hardware.  Believe it or not I worked there when I first graduated from college.  I was looking for a job and needed something to do to keep me busy.  I learned how to make the perfect bed while working there.  I'm glad I walked away with so many good interior design tricks. 

I bought the console table from Round Top and it was originally turquoise.  I went through a turquoise phase and it was the perfect piece.  I recently painted this piece with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  The color is called Old White and it was so easy and quick.  I added the hardware that I discovered at my friend Megan's house and I just love how it turned out, don't you? 

I hope you've enjoyed a quick glimpse at my home! 

Details: Restoration Hardware Paint | Benjamin Moore Paint | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint | Book | Butterfly | Flamingo Art | Lamps (old), similar | Acrylic Tray