Adam Lippes for Target

Well, after experiencing the Lilly Pulitzer for Target trip I told myself I wouldn't be doing that again.  A few weeks ago as I was reading through a fashion magazine I noticed an ad for Adam Lippes for Target.  It caught my eye because everything was plaid and fabulous. Plaid is definitely one of my favorite things to wear for Fall/Winter season.  I noticed it would be launching on September 27th in Target stores, I actually marked my calendar. Last night I ran through the website again and decided I'm definitely going to check it out as long as my kids were awake.  Of course my kids were awake by 8am.  We got the stroller, grabbed Starbucks and donuts and headed to Target. I was instantly in SHOCK as I pulled into the parking lot only to find employee cars.  I text my friend and said this is nothing like the Lilly trip.  I started to think I missed it, was the date wrong? Did I read the ad wrong? We waited for a few minutes outside and walked in at 8am only to find myself and two others shopping the Adam Lippes racks.  Thanks goodness! They only had one of each size and I grabbed my picks and headed for the fitting rooms. It was a successful trip! Find some of my favorite picks below, they are definitely worth the price. 

Details: Grey and White Plaid Coat | Cow Neck Fringe Sweater | Grey and Black Plaid Vest | Plaid Shirt Dress | Oatmeal Plaid Backpack | Black and White Plaid Pumps | Black Plaid Reversible Pillow | Black and White Throw Blanket

Photos from: Target

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