Herend for Easter

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Photos by: KGoebel Photography

Details: Bunny 1 from Lerant | Bunny 2 from Lerant | Bunny 3, similar | Bunny 4 from Lerant |

Are you ready for Easter? These Herend bunnies are the perfect collectible and aren't they just precious? I've always wanted to be that person that collects different things and I could never put my finger on one specific item.  I'm really considering collecting these Herend figurines. These figurines all have a fishnet design that was inspired back in the 1800's when a Herend painter was inspired by a fishscale design found on a Chinese porcelain plate. How cool! I love the history of these figurines and can't wait to get a few on my shelves.  I might have to start with these cute bunnies from Lerant.  What are your plans for Easter?