How to make your guest comfortable...

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Photos by: KGoebel Photography

Well- we are back to school and in our routine.  I wouldn't say it's going to be an easy week.  Don't you think short weeks are always the hardest? Isn't it crazy how that works? So, bare with me as I am quickly trying to get this blog post out to you. Don't judge my mistakes!

How many times have you spent the night or weekend at friend or relative's house? Numerous is your answer I'm sure unless your that small percentage that always refuses to stay the night anywhere other than a hotel.  YES! I know people like that. It's bizarre to me but everybody has their reasons. I'm hear today to let you know what I think are the 3 best things you can do to your home to make your guest feel comfortable.  This is obviously just my opinion so have an open mind. One day I'll have a house big enough to provide all of these for my guest but for now I'll do the best I can and just dream about those days. :)

First up!
1. Bathroom
-Make sure your bathroom has all the necessities:  travel size toiletries are the best for this! Make them look cute in a glass apothecary jar or hide them away in the cabinet.
-TRAYS TRAYS TRAYS! These are the best way to decorate and make things look very neat and organized.  I love this tray from Lerant and the matching box that you see in the photos.  It gives off such a clean and crisp look.  Set out the tray on the counter and guest can always place their jewelry there as well. (Don't forget the fresh flowers)
-Make sure you have towels that are accessible and clean, obviously!

2. Bedding!
-Bedding is so so so important.  You want your guest to be comfortable.  Don't just buy the cheapest mattress because you think nobody will sleep there because, guess what? You will have guest. They will want a comfortable bed and a good nights sleep.
-Pillows! Don't forget about the pillows.  I will say I always try to offer a ton of pillows because everybody has a different preference. Some like fluffy, some like soft, some like stiff and some like hard.  It's hard to figure it out so it's always nice to have options. Options are ALWAYS a good idea no matter what you do.

Details: All bathroom items from Lerant | Top | Pants |

3. Refreshments
-Leaving a decanter of water and a cup is probably the best idea.  I know how thirsty I get before bed and I hate asking for things.  This will make your guest feel right at home.  They have so many cute water decanters that fit perfectly on the bedside table.  Head over to Lerant for all your needs.

A HUGE THANK YOU to my photographer, Krista, for allowing me to shoot in her brand new bathroom. It's absolutely beautiful and I wish that was my bathtub! Enjoy it girl, you totally deserve it!