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Photos by: KGoebel Photography

I feel like it's been a while since my last blog post and I apologize. We've had a very eventful week with my little boy and I'm glad tomorrow is Friday and he is going to be okay.  It's hard to know something is wrong and you, as a Mom, can't just fix it over night. I've spent this week with my kids and I've tried to stay away from the computer.  I will say it has felt good and relieved a bit of stress. 

I got to spend Sunday with my amazing photographer, Krista, and we took a lot of amazing pictures that I'll be sharing with you over the next few weeks. I'm so excited to celebrate my blog anniversary on Monday and seriously can't even believe it's been one year since I decided to launch Simply Ollie.  It's been a ride and I'm so thankful and excited for what year two has to bring.

My favorite thing about this midi Yumi Kim dress is that it's so versatile. I can wear it out with friends and dress it up or wear it to work and teach in it all day.  It is low cut so when I wore it to work I layered a sleeveless white button down underneath and let the collar hang out.  I loved the way it changed the dress completely.  I added a pair of black espadrilles and loved the outfit. It definitely gets the comfortable stamp.  The midi length keeps it girly and flirty but the design gives off that boho chic look. 

I wanted to dress this up a bit so I added the strappy black heels that I always grab when I want something different. They were absolutely perfect for this dress.  I also love them with my jeans if I roll them a few times.  It shows off the style and makes a statement.

I actually bought this hat when I had my Fraxel done so I could hide from the sun and hide my face. We all saw the pictures and I definitely didn't want to be seen looking like that. I ran into Target and grabbed it within five minutes and it was such a good purchase. I always like a good hat for summer.  This one might look more "Fall-ish" but I think I could pull it off with the right look for Summer.

Have a fabulous weekend!