Blog Anniversary

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Photos by: KGoebel Photography

Happy Monday to you all! I've been so motivated this weekend you wouldn't even believe how much I've accomplished.  I have cleaned every closet and cabinet/drawer in my house.  That means I've cleaned 5 closets and about 10 drawers and boy did they all need it SO BAD! I feel very organized at this moment, let's pray it last. I've taken car fulls of items to Goodwill and put about 15 bags of trash at the road.  I did get a night out last night with Andrew and some friends. We got to enjoy the Astros game on our "cheat" night from our diet.  I definitely indulged in a few alcoholic beverages and ice cream in a helmet with a cookie on the side. :) Yum! That definitely made my night. How was your weekend?

Can you believe I'm celebrating my one year blog anniversary????

You guys, it's been a year of Fashion, Style, Interior, Design, Kids Fashion, Recipes, Beauty Food and much much more! I really can't believe that a year has come and gone because it feels like just yesterday that I decided I was going to start a blog. It was a random day that I was sitting around thinking about all the photos I love to take of different things around my house and my outfits when I decided I was going for it, I was starting a blog. I originally started with the blog called Ollie Interieur and I was going to focus on Interior Design and throw in Fashion here and there.  When I started designing my website and attending a few events around town I quickly realized I wanted to focus on Fashion and Lifestyle.  I obviously love Interior Design as well but Fashion is where my heart is, for sure. I spent many nights up until 1 or 2am trying to figure out how to create and design a website.  I taught myself pretty much everything with the help of Google and You Tube.  What would we do without Google? After my website first launched and I started socializing with other bloggers in Houston I started learning SO SO much! There have been so many people that I can't thank enough for helping me and taking time out of their day to answer a text or email. I never knew how much work this blog was going to require until I was probably six months into it and running. It's definitely a second job and I'm usually up late working on post.  I will say since this isn't my full time job I do have weeks that I look back and reflect and think what would I be doing if I never started a blog? The answer is probably sitting around more and relaxing and thinking about starting a blog. LOL! There are so many people to thank from family and friends to followers to brands and companies that have believed in me and my work.  These are the people that keep me motivated everyday and keep me loving Simply Ollie. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

Here is a flash back to my very first post: First Post

Details: Dress from Monkees Houston | Shoes (old), similar here and here | Earrings | Cuff | Bangle | Sunglasses (on sale) from Monkees Houston | Confetti | Candle

I wish each of you could have been a fly on the wall when Krista and I took these photos. I thought using sparklers would be so cute but never thought about the fact that when it's day light you can't see them.  By the time we got them lit (which took forever with the wind) we realized ohhhh this isn't even going to show up in photos. Blogger fail! We did get to try out the Cupcake ATM and we were both virgins so that was a lot of FUN!

Let's talk about this dress! This dress is from Monkee's of Houston and I picked it out because I love the design and the fun color.  The bow at the neck it so feminine and flirty, I love it! This cute company LaRoque is carried at Monkee's of Houston and they have some great pieces. I literally want 5 different dresses. Isn't it cute? You have to check out the Derby dress, it's perfect for the Kentucky Derby which is coming up very soon. These dresses are great for the summer and can be worn to so many different events from weddings to showers.

Again a big thank you to my followers, family, friends and clients for a fabulous first year! I couldn't have done it without you! Also, a big hug and kiss to my husband and my little ones! They have been supportive and stuck it out with me through the good and bad of this year. Love you all! xo!