Summer Table

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Photos by: KGoebel Photography

Can you believe the weekend is already over and it's Monday again? I can't! Last week was such a mess with the horrible flooding that started Sunday night.  I feel like the rain always comes in the middle of the night. I do remember the storm being very intense and I was just waiting for my kids to come screaming because they were scared of the thunder.  My little girl says it's "under" and it's pretty darn cute. Anyways, the flooding pushed so many people our of their homes and most lost everything. It's such a tragic event! We were out of school and work on Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully things were better and we were able to go back on Wednesday. 

My little boy had to prep for a small procedure on Thursday and we went in Friday morning for the procedure. He was so brave and did such an amazing job! He barely shed one tear and was such a trooper. Everything is great and we spent the rest of Friday at home.  I thought he was going to sleep all day from the anesthesia but I was WRONG! He didn't nap all day and I was exhausted trying to fit in a nap on the couch. I might have gotten 15 minutes. :)

Just a reminder that I'll be hosting a Summer Style Event at Trina Turk in the Houston Galleria with Lyndsey Zorich from L.Avenue Blog.  The event will be from 6-8pm and we would love to sip champagne and talk fashion with you!

Let's talk about this colorful summer table I designed with Lerant.  I have a thing for table settings.  I wish I could say I have a lot dinner parties but that would be a lie.  Every time I design a table it really makes me want to cook a big meal and invite over friends. I'm thinking when my kids get a little older that will be easier to do with later bedtimes. 

I have so many favorite things on this table that I don't even know where to begin. First of all let's talk about gold flatware.  Who would've thought five years ago that gold flatware would be so popular.  I really want to get my hands on a set.  They make the table look extra fancy.  Don't you think? I used gold touches in the plates to coordinate with the flatware.  I wanted plates that had some color so the bottom charger is a beautiful blue.  I put a white dinner plate with a gold scalloped design around the edges. For the top I went with a pink dessert plate and topped it off with a fabulous Kim Seybert napkin ring.  The colors on these napkin rings are astonishing. They are beautiful! Did you notice the napkins? They are lined with blue and green tassels. It feels a little Boho! Right?

What are the top 3 things you need to complete the perfect summer table? Find out below...

1. Color
When you talk about Summer the first thing that should come to your mind is COLOR! Pick a palette and then start designing.  I had my eye on these fabulous napkins because they screamed summer to me.  I took them and designed the entire table from that one piece. Green and Blue were my colors!

2. Flowers
I think this goes for every table but adding flowers to your table makes a huge difference.  Since I picked my colors first I went with green hydrangeas to keep with my color scheme. Anything you do will always look better with flowers.  I decided to do three stems but one arrangement in the middle would be perfect too.

3. Beverages
Obviously I had to include beverages.  I picked those beautiful green glasses for a reason. duh! They are the perfect glass for margaritas which are my favorite beverage during the Summer. Mojitos and Moscow Mules come in a close second and third.

Cheers friends! xo!