Denim Overalls and a splash of Watermelon

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Photos by: KGoebel Photography

I'm in knee deep with potty training Olivia and I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I have a lot of faith it's going to work this time. It has too- right? Well, not exactly.  I tried to potty train her over our Spring Break and used the 3-day potty training method. We stayed home and didn't go anywhere which was terrible for poor Andy. He was bored out of his mind. The moral of this story is that it was NOT successful. I tried my hardest and on day 4 we had poop all over the bathroom and I literally said we are done, that's it, done! It's so hard not to compare children but I remember it being difficult with Andy but he figured out the "pee pee" part on Day 3.  Obviously going "poo poo" in the potty is a little scary but he eventually got it down. Olivia just showed no interest until a few weeks ago.  I realized she wanted to sit on the potty and was excited about it. She wanted her diaper changed as soon as it was dirty, so it was time! At least that is what I think. We had our first full day in panties today with our handy dandy "POTTY WATCH" that is. What is a potty watch? I'm sure that is exactly what you are thinking because when I heard this music go off at our school a few months ago I literally was in shock. What was that? My friend proceeded with that's a potty watch and YES it works! I would like to say it's been a success but I'm not going to get a head of myself until we have a few days under our belt. I will say, Olivia was very very excited about a pretty pink watch. I can't even begin to explain the excitement on her face when the timer on the watch goes off, lights up and plays a little song. She literally freaks out and runs to the potty. It was a pretty rough afternoon but we are seeing progress so pray for us! Please! 

Can you believe overalls are back? Yep! That's right back in the fashion world and ready to play! I had to give this some thought and I can't say I've been rocking them 100% around town just yet but I'm getting closer.  It takes me back to when my sister's were pregnant or when I was in middle school and we rocked overalls all the time. I think they are adorable and especially on little girls but I never thought they would come back. 

I went for a simply fun look and layered a satin ivory button down under my overalls.  I wanted a fabric that was nice to dress up the outfit just a tad.  The accessories just added that "fun" to the outfit that I always love! The question you ask is how can I wear overalls? 

1. Dress them up! I wore them out with a girlfriend to dinner with a silk blouse, similar to what you see above.  I added some fancy lace up heels that were pretty high.  My favorite touch was my leather moto jacket draped over my arms. That pulled the look together perfectly. You can totally dress up overalls just pick a nice top, such as silk, and definitely don't forget the heels. 

2. Dress them down! The whole idea with overalls is that they are supposed to be super comfortable, so make them super comfortable. A gray or white soft tee would be adorable.  It could be short, sleeveless or even long sleeves for all you people who still get cool weather in the evenings. (that is def not us) Throw on your converse or flip flops and you are ready to go. Super easy outfit! 

I HAVE to talk about the watermelon clutch because it's going to be on repeat all summer. It is so FUN! I love it! I literally went on amazon and typed in Watermelon purse and scrolled through quite a few options and went with this one. It's very cheap and I was a little concerned but I ordered it anyways.  Obviously with Prime it showed up two days later and I was instantly in love. It's a great size for my phone, credit card and lipsticks. It doesn't look cheap and it plays a huge part in my outfit. It's a keeper! 

Details: Overalls | Button-down Shirt (old), similar | Shoes | Watermelon Clutch | Sunglasses | Cuff | Earrings 

Have a fabulous Wednesday!! xo!