Celebrate July 4th with Lerant

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Happy Friday! I can't believe it's almost been a week since we returned from vacation.  This week went by so quickly and I seemed to stay extremely busy as we are preparing to put our house on the market.  It's been a hard decision and I'm really sad to leave the wonderful neighborhood where we've met so many friends. I know we aren't going far and we will keep in touch with everybody but it's still going to be a sad day leaving our home.  I always like to think about all the memories you leave in a house.  We've celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, holidays and the birth of Olivia all while living in this house.  It's pretty amazing! I'm going to try and focus on the good as we go through the process of selling and buying because these times can be very stressful.  All I can think about is how will I keep my house clean with two kids and a husband? :) I'm going to keep that behind me and focus on celebrating July 4th and chatting with you all about some fun decor! Scroll down... 

These plates scream Summer to me, wouldn't you agree? When I think about celebrating the Fourth of July I think about the obvious red, white and blue but then so many other things come to mind.  The second thing would be fruit- watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, cherries and dewberries (blackberries). This is definitely off topic but my husband and I always debate if they are blackberries or dewberries but growing up in a small town we definitely call them dewberries.  We would pick them and make dewberry pie, it's absolutely delicious. That is the second thing I think of when I think about celebrating July 4th.  PIE! Fresh pie topped with ice cream. Can you just see a fresh slice of dewberry pie topped on the dessert plate with a scoop of Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream? I'm pretty sure my mouth is watering. 

These red and blue serving dishes are even more beautiful in person.  The silver lining makes them very classy. They could be used for so many things.  I was thinking about putting appetizers or even crackers on the blue tray and dip in the red dish. 

I always have to add a little touch of Fashion! Lerant has recently designed a beautiful new case of jewelry in their store.  It displays these fabulous bracelets along with a great selection of Julie Vos jewelry. If you haven't stopped by recently make sure you check it out. Jewelry is always the perfect way to add some patriotism to your outfit. You know I love accessorizing! 

Details: All items are from Lerant Houston