Finding Dory with Trina Turk

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Photos by Kyle Weber

It's official, tomorrow is the first day back at school. It's going to be a busy day around here.  I'm super excited to be taking a new role at work.  I will no longer be a full-time teacher in the classroom but a floater.  Basically I will act as as substitute Monday-Thursday and help all the other teachers out, when needed. The BEST part is I will have off on Fridays which means so many things. I can focus on the blog, I can run errands, I can make appointments and meetings.  I'm really excited about this school year! I wish all you teachers out there a great first day and many hugs to all those little ones on their first day back to school! 

I thought this post would be totally appropriate for back to school since it involved my little girl, Olivia. I've finally started shooting with my kids again and I have to say I'm completely obsessed. We are coming out of the 2 year old phase SLOWLY but surely and it's been a bit easier to get them in photos.  Andy is always the model and loves to participate but Olivia isn't always the easiest. 

Have you had the opportunity to see Finding Dory? If you loved Finding Nemo this movie should definitely be on your list especially if you have little ones. Andy and I went and saw it over the Summer and he loved it. I think we both fell in love with the octopus, Hank.  What a fun name! 

I had such an amazing time shooting these photos because it involved my blogger and personal friend, Candace, from Luxe with Kids Blog. Since becoming a Houston Blogger over a year ago I've met so many amazing ladies.  Candace and I are currently chairing a wonderful charity event, A Couture Cause.  We spend quite a bit of time meeting, sending emails and chatting over the phone. We thought it would be fun to collaborate on the blog front with this Finding Dory line by Trina Turk.  Unfortunately we weren't able to involve the boys but Trina does offer trunks for the boys. They are adorable! Can you already picture your entire family sporting this cute line? I know I can! 

Since having my children one of my favorite things to do is meet up with other "Moms" and their children for playdates. I want to thank the Four Seasons of Houston for allowing us to use their fabulous hotel.  During the Summer hanging by the pool is normally your best bet especially in Houston.  Don't be stuck inside all day, get out and hang with your best Mom friend and her kiddos and I promise your day will be much brighter! 

I have to say I can't stop wearing these shorts. I will be honest at first I wasn't sure about the idea of wearing shorts that displayed Nemo and Dory.  Don't get me wrong I love them but as an adult I did second guess the idea.  Let me tell you how wrong I was when it came to these amazingly colorful shorts. They fit so GOOD! They are pretty true to size and the fabric is amazing.  It's like they knew you would be running around after children.  They don't wrinkle and if you want you can wear a long top and you can't even see Nemo and Dory. Genius Trina, Genius! 

Details: (On ME) Top | Shorts | Hat (sold out), similar | Shoes (Pedro Garcia, sold out), similar | Sunglasses | Earrings
(On Olivia) Dress | Shoes 
For Boys: Trunks
Finding Dory Line: Dress |