Weekend Recap--- Birmingham, Michigan

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I apologize for being so late with my weekend recap.  I will say it's taking me a few days to feel functional and come back to reality. Short weekend vacations are the best but you always try to make the most of your days and end up with little to no sleep. I'm not complaining because I honestly had no idea where we were headed when Andrew told me we would be attending a good friend's wedding in Birmingham, Michigan.  It kind of sad to admit but lately when Andrew books a trip I don't pay much attention and just show up.  Much to my surprise this little town of Birmingham was the cutest! First of all anything under 90 degrees in the Summer is amazing to a Texas girl who is sweating the minute she walks out the door because of the humidity and 100 degree weather. We arrived at our hotel, The Townsend Hotel, which I can't even begin to say enough good things about.  It was beautiful and our room was huge! The service was beyond exceptional from start to end. I love waking up in a hotel and ordering coffee to the room. The best part was we had a living room and closed off bedroom which means...wait for it. I got to watch my own morning show and Andrew got to watch sports. The BEST! 

I'm so glad I was able to fit my old Sony camera in my clutch because these pictures turned out amazing. (except for the top, iPhone photo) When we drove through the town to our hotel I couldn't help but freak out about the beautiful homes and the HYDRANGEAS! The homes remind me of The Heights, here in Houston. The bungalow style homes are my favorite especially since it was one of the first homes Andrew and I bought together. They were all different colors and just beautiful. Hydrangeas are by far one of my favorite flowers. (I used them at my wedding) Andrew and I have tried numerous times to grow them in Houston but it's just too hot and humid here.  The minute we got in I begged Andrew to walk around (just a few blocks) so I could check them out. They didn't disappoint, obviously! I wanted to knock on one of the doors of these homes and ask if I could move in soon. (LOL)

I really wish I would have taken more pictures of the town because they had the best restaurants, bars and shops.  Everything was so nice and trendy from the cute strand lights outside on the patio to eclectic designs on the inside. They had it going on, that is for sure! We had a delicious brunch at The Social on Saturday morning. Our waitress, Ashley, served up a yummy brunch and amazing drinks.  Andrew enjoyed the Bloody Mary bar which had anything under the sun including hot cheetos. I had a mimosa but the possibilities were endless. They knew what they were doing in the drink department, that is for sure.

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After eating at The Social we made our way over to 220. It was a swanky restaurant with a great bar for all of us to enjoy a few afternoon cocktails. They even had a Veuve Bar, very cool! 

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I had to get Andrew in a photo with the "Chester" street sign. It only seemed fitting since his first name is Chester. :) He was thrilled to take a photo. 

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After a very fun night on Friday which included a Cocktail Welcome Party for the wedding at Dick O' Dow's Irish Pub we decided to wake up and go out for a jog. Much to my surprise, once again, the weather was perfect and the view was amazing! The homes along this jogging trail kept me wanting to jog further. That's always a good thing, right? It always helps to have a pretty view when your exercising. 

Saturday night was full of celebrating for the marriage of two amazing people. They are both the nicest people and the wedding was beautiful.  Every single detail was perfect. I'm really sad I couldn't capture more pictures to share with you.  The bar background was filled with white hydrangeas and blue and white ginger jars. I'm so obsessed with blue and white ginger jars so I was in heaven. We danced the night away and had a wonderful time. I'm so happy this wedding brought us to this beautiful little town. We ended the trip on Sunday with a baseball game. The Houston Astros were playing the Detroit Tigers in Detroit, how ironic. The stadium was really cool but the game was not so cool. :( 

I can't say enough amazing things about Birmingham, Michigan. It was a great trip and I was so happy to experience such a cute town. It's back to reality next week and back to work for this teacher. I hope you have a great week! xo!