Back to School with Burt's Bees Baby

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Photos by: ME! 

Hi Hi! Can you believe it's back to school time already? I know this is so repetitive because I say it every year but Summer just flies by every year. I'm totally not going to complain because we had a fabulous Summer full of fun in the sun and great memories. I actually look forward to going back to work and school because it puts us back on a routine.  My kids are definitely kids that thrive on routine.  We are all just happier when we have a schedule.  On another note it has been a rough week getting back up early and NOT being able to lounge around in the morning drinking coffee. Here is to another successful school year! 

I will be completely honest when I say, I had never heard of the clothing line by Burt's Bees Baby.  I am so happy that I had the opportunity to pick out a few outfits for Andy and Olivia.  It's the perfect time to check out a new line of children's clothing because it's back to school. I went ahead and picked out Fall styles because I know that is what we will be needing in a few short months. These pieces arrived shortly after I ordered them and I was amazed when I opened each piece. The organic cotton makes each piece so soft and comfortable. What more could you ask for in children's clothing? Doesn't Andy look like a stylish little man? I'm obsessed with his sweater especially the blue details on the collar. This is a great sweater for Texas because it's easy to layer. 

The skirt that Olivia has on is reversible! Amazing! It can be worn as a solid ivory or the cute floral design.  The top of the skirt is super soft and comfortable for kids AND easy to pull up and down. That is great for Olivia because she is very independent and likes getting dressed by herself.  She is also still in the middle of potty training so it's nice to have bottoms that come down easily so she can do it all on her own.  This skirt is gong to be a closet staple this Fall along with a pair of cute leggings. 

I have to call Olivia a trooper because she pulled through after a very hard fall while taking pictures. It was quite the disaster! I picked up and was ready to head back home until she insisted that we take more pictures. This is another favorite set and so affordable. Leggings through the Fall and Winter are the best for her age group. They are easy and cute! These tops are great too because they come is great colors and are comfy yet stylish. Isn't this outfit just adorable? 

I hope you all have fun with your back to school shopping and grab a few items from Burt's Bees Baby. Happy Shopping! xo!