Break out the China

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Photos by: Sara Cooper

I think I'm fully recovered from the weekend and I'm back to bringing you some fun posts this week. It's my last week at home by myself or should I say it's the last week of camp for the kiddos.  I'm trying to savor every second and do things that are relaxing and things I love. I blogged all day on Monday and it felt so good. I think a work out, pool visit, good book and friend time is in order for the rest of the week before we leave for a wedding in Michigan. I'm super excited to have a weekend with just the hubs. I feel like it's been a while since we traveled alone with out the kids. It will be so fun! Stay tuned on Snapchat (simplyollie) and Instagram (@simply_ollie). 

I have an idea for you to try and maybe you already do this but it's something I definitely want to start doing more once we move and I start using my formal dining room again. Do you constantly walk by the dining room and just stare at your fine china? Is it just sitting in a cabinet looking pretty? TAKE IT OUT! I challenge you to take it out once a month and have a date night, family dinner or girl's dinner and use the china and crystal.  I know so many people who have sets, no just one, of beautiful china and never use it. Why? What good is it doing just making a statement in the cabinet? This china from Lerant in Houston is beautiful and would be such a waste if not used.  

Take out your calendar and pick a date for you and your husband to cook together once the kids go down for bed.  Grab wine and fresh flowers while you are at the store and set them out on the table. Use every piece you can get your hands on and set the table. Send me your thoughts? I want to hear how the night went. 

Have a great day! xo! 

Details: All products can be found at Lerant Houston