Christmas at Home with Simply Ollie

I'm so excited to share a few photos of my home with you today on the blog. If you know me you know I'm literally obsessed with decorating for Christmas. I've always been that person who thought it was absurd to start decorating before Thanksgiving until a few years ago.  I realized I like to decorate before Thanksgiving because I put up numerous trees and we get to enjoy them a lot longer if I start early.  Since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving at my house it really isn't a big deal anyways. I actually didn't even put up all my decorations this year which is shocking. It's obviously been a little harder to get things done with two kids in the house who want to help with every detail.  It now takes days to complete it all.

This year my favorite new touch has to be the fresh garland and well maybe the rose pink I've added to the flocked tree or maybe the fact that my office has it's own Christmas tree.  I can't ever make up my mind. I love it all!

Last year was the first year I bought a real Christmas tree.  I had all these ornaments left over from my classroom and I wanted to give Andy the opportunity to decorate a tree so literally a week before Christmas we bought a small flocked tree.  I had no idea where I was going to put it because I already had two tree but I of course found the perfect spot.  Since buying that one flocked tree, I'm addicted.  I think I need a real flocked tree every year.  Since I went all white in the living room over the past year I found it fit to put the flocked tree in the living room.  I have tons and tons of silver and glass ornaments which is perfect because I can always throw in a color, whatever I'm feeling, and it works. Since rose pink/blush has been so popular I couldn't resist adding in a few touches to the tree.  I picked up the silk florals from Michaels when they were 70% off, yes 70% off! It was such a great deal.  The pink peacocks came from West Elm and they are just gorgeous.  Then I felt like I needed a few other touches so I added the small diamond shaped ornaments from Target and it turned out perfectly. 

This is the tree I always consider my own.  The kids aren't allowed to touch it and I decide each year exactly how it's going to look.  I have to have at least one tree that is themed. Maybe that's my tradition?

This is the kid's Christmas tree and has many sentimental ornaments that Andrew and I will forever cherish.  I think every house needs to have a traditional Christmas tree with ornaments that have been made or given from those special people in your life. Andy and Olivia love this tree and stare at it daily.  They always have to go around and find the new ornaments for the year and point out the ones from past years.  We also add all of their ornaments that are made at school.  My Mother-in-law will give me a M.D. Anderson ornament each year and they are so precious and sentimental.  This tree is really what gets me and my family in the Christmas spirit.

This white tree was given to me this year from my sister.  She was moving and wanting to throw it away and I just couldn't let that happen.  My niece had it in her room and decorated with all purple and silver ornaments.  I decided to take off the purple and add more silver and white.  The colored lights aren't always might first pick but they go great in my office.  The colors in there are so bright and fun that this tree fit perfectly. It's also been nice having this view while I'm working and blogging.  I'm not going to want to take it down.

The last piece of my home I wanted to share is the "Christmas Bar" area that I set up in my office.  I love the Christmas Spode collection but don't necessarily need all of the china.  I decided to mix it in with my 12 Days of Christmas Williams-Sonoma china and it looks great.  It's also nice to drink out of these pretty Christmas tree wine glasses during the month of December. 

I hope you have a great Christmas Eve and you're spending it with your loved ones.  We are preparing for Santa and setting up our workshops.  This is such a fun time of year for the little ones and it's make Christmas so magical and memorable. I'll be spending time with my family this evening and sharing some of our Christmas family photos tomorrow on the blog.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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Photos by: KGoebel Photography