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Happy Monday to all of you! I'm spending my day cleaning and doing laundry, so much fun! We got home yesterday from a quick 24 hour getaway to the beach.  It was quick but it was much appreciated and we made the best of our time there.  We spent time at the pool, walked and jogged on the beach, had a fabulous dinner, danced until midnight and ended with breakfast in bed.  I have to say it was a nice 6th wedding anniversary. 

Have you heard of Fab.comI'm super excited to show you some updated photos of my office. I haven't shared it with you in quite some time and we all know how I have a problem with rearranging and redecorating. My neighbor calls it a disease! No worries, she does it too. I have been surfing Fab.com and can't get over how modern and eclectic are the products are on their site.  I knew my office needed a little upgrade so I went a head and added a few items.  It's the one room in my house that all rules are off limit. If I want to add every color in the rainbow then I do it or if I want every piece to be modern, I do it! It's my space and it makes me so happy to sit down and work in this room. It's my little getaway space. 

If you haven't seen my office before I moved my desk against the wall because I think it made more space in the room.  It also gave me the wall in the back because things kept falling off the front side of my desk, it was getting quite annoying. I like this much better.  I'm seriously obsessing over cactus right now. I really want to visit this cactus nursery that I just discovered here in Houston and stock up on a few.  The best thing about this Cactus Vase is that it can't hurt my kids and it's such a show stopper.  It's the first thing your eye is drawn to when you enter the room, don't you think? I think cactus make a room look so cool and modern and that's usually what I'm trying to do in this room. It's technically a cactus vase but I honestly like it just as a piece of art for right now.  I'm sure eventually I will add a few stems of white flowers to the vase but for now it's a perfect upgrade to my office space. 

I'm almost positive you have recognized the art by now, I used to have a gold mirror in that spot but I've moved it to my bedroom since painting that room. Adding art to a room makes a world of a difference.  This room is full of abstract art and I love it! It's those pieces that my husband doesn't always like in other parts of the house so they are end up in my office.  It gives my office so much color and the splashed of pink in the art are definitely my favorite touch. 

Sunnies, sunnies, sunnies! I can't get enough of sunglasses and they normally fall on my desk as soon as I walk in the door. Sunglasses are addicting and I don't think you can ever have enough of them because styles are constantly changing. Fab.com has some very cool and modern options. I was impressed! I ended up with these blue, aviator style sunnies. Aren't they cool? They are a good pick for summer! 

I also wanted to share one other option for upgrading a the space below. I wanted to show you how you can quickly change a small space and add so much color and modern touches.  My friend was so sweet to let me borrow her home to snap a few photos for this post. I love the bright white modern fireplace with an abstract piece of art to give a good pop.  It's so hard to go wrong with this cactus vase! Honestly it could go anywhere in your house- office, kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. The possibilities are endless!