How to change your look with ACCESSORIES

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I feel like a true "Spring Breaker" the past couple of days.  As a teacher Spring Break is always the best because you are getting so close to the end of the year but you definitely need that break before April.  April is the month that goes by the slowest for sure! You normally don't have many holidays or days off and things start getting a bit crazy with the kids. All you can see is SUMMER! I'm feeling pretty lazy and I'm so happy to get this blog post out to you all.  It's one of my blow!

Details: Top, similar here | Blazer, similar here | Shorts, similar here | Shoes, similar here | Handbag (vintage), similar here | Necklace | Cuff | Earrings | Sunglasses

This post is one of my favorites because it's very realistic and something I definitely do on a weekly or daily basis. ACCESSORIZE! I've always had a thing for handbags and jewelry and that has only gotten worse.  I've taken this all white outfit, it's simply just a v-neck sleeveless silk top, J.Crew shorts and a white blazer. Oh- don't forget my white pumps that I almost sent back and I'm SO glad I didn't allow myself to do that. I literally wear them all the time.  I also scored that cute white box clutch at Cheeky Vintage this past week and I'm obsessed. Did you see the green velvet inside with the cute little mirror. It's pretty much amazing! I accessorized this look with Julie Vos jewelry, which I love! It's the perfect pop of gold and I'm forever receiving compliments on my pieces. Anyways, this look is easy to do and is perfect for the Spring and Summer time.  You could always throw on sandals or flip flops to make it more casual.  When in doubt throw on all white, it always works!

Details: Top, similar here | Blazer, similar here | Shorts, similar here | Shoes, similar here and here | Handbag from Lerant Houston | Necklace | Cuff | Earrings

Let's talk about this look! Are you looking for a pop of color but don't want to think much. Grab the brightest clutch you have or run out and find one. This is one of the easiest things you can do and it changes the whole outfit. This Kent Stetson clutch is one of a kind.  He is absolutely amazing and has the most unique designs on his clutches. You have to check out the website.  You will find things like this abstract art pieces that was turned into a clutch or your favorite drink all over a clutch. How cute is that?

Details: Trina Turk Jacket | Top, similar here | Shorts, similar here | Shoes, similar here and here | Handbag from The Vintage Contessa, similar here and here | Necklace | Cuff | Earrings | Scarf (vintage), here and here

Now for the last look I changed out the white blazer for the fabulous tweed blazer that is finished with fringe around the bottom and the sleeves.'s on the back too! This is definitely screaming Spring and Summer. It's light-weight and gives you a very sophisticated look. I want to wear it all the time! The scarf trend is one that I am obsessing over. I have bought maybe 5 in the past week and can't stop wearing them. Why didn't I do this before? It's so darn cute! This scarf I found at Cheeky Vintage and it makes every outfit pop.  I could put on something boring like a plain button down but then I add this scarf and BAM instant change. I love it! I recently bought a few bandannas and worn them with numerous things. I mean they are SO cheap! I finished this look off with a pink Chanel bag from The Vintage Contessa. A Chanel bag is always going to make your look fabulous, you don't even have to try.

I hope you loved this post as much as I did and you guys it's so easy. Find your basic pieces and figure out what accessories you have to make that one basic outfit look different.  If you're anything like me wearing things more than a handful of times can be tough but that's why you have to find the perfect "basic" pieces. You can change the look numerous times once you're happy with those few items. Now head to your closet and start putting together some outfits. Spring is here and well it did feel a little bit like Summer today down in Texas.

Have a great week! xo!