Red and Pink

Red Lips! I wanted to share with you my two favorite lip colors that I grab out of my bag way more than others.  I thought since Valentine's Day is days away it was the perfect opportunity.  I'm pretty big on bright lipsticks and you will normally see me with either red or pink. I used to think I could only wear lipstick when I was going out but I was SO wrong.  Anytime I don't have it on I feel like I'm sick or pale. 

I found this red lipstick last summer when I was getting my make-up done at the Nars counter in Saks.  I was looking for a red lipstick that had a tint of orange.  My olive skin tone normally makes every red lipstick look pink on me so I'm always on the hunt for the "perfect" red.  This lipstick has been my all time fav!  I will say it's hard to put on and would probably look better if I used a lip brush or a lip liner.  I did buy this in the summer so technically it's probably more of a summer tone but I don't follow those rules.  I wear it all year long!

This PINK is only $3 dollars!!! I know, crazy right? It's literally my number one lipstick.  I actually borrowed from my sister and never gave it back. shhhh! It's the perfect shade of pale pink but bright enough to be noticed.  PLUS, this lipstick stays on forever.  It doesn't get all over your lips when you eat or drink, it stays in place and is perfect.  Literally my favorite shade and brand.  I mean you mine as well pick out 5 or 6 different colors because they are so cheap. 

Details: NARS Lana | Wet-n-Wild MegaLast in Think Pink


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