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As a Mother of two and full time teacher I'm consistently being asked, "How do you get fully dressed in the morning?" I really don't think much of it because I've figured out what works for me and what works for my kids. I think that's what you have to find out first before you set your routine and stick to it. That is so important! Make sure you stick to a routine. It will not only help you but it will help your kids because they will know what is expected. 

First thing is first, the alarm.  My alarm goes off at 5:20 AM and my goal is to not snooze past 5:45 AM. One of the most important things to me in the morning is "alone time" that means time for me to have my coffee and enjoy.  The mornings that doesn't happen my day usually doesn't turn out so well.  I need that "me" time before kids are 100% (which is the minute they climb out of bed). Once I get my coffee I head back to the bathroom (yes, coffee in the bathroom) and start doing my make-up and hair.  Some morning that could take about 15 minutes because I throw my hair in a ponytail or it could take 30 minutes when I decide to curl my hair.  Once I get my make-up and hair done I head back to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the kids.  I make lunches in the evening so all I have to do is put those in their backpacks and be done.  That is key for me! It saves so much time in the morning. Once I have breakfast together it's time to wake up the kiddos. That is usually around 6:45am and they head straight to the playroom for breakfast. (cont. below)

During breakfast they get to watch "toons" and it gives them some time to wake up. While they are eating I once again head back to my bedroom and get dressed. Picking out my clothes normally doesn't take that long.  On occasion it can take long but I've gotten so much better at being quick.  I normally have the kid's clothes picked out the night before so I can send them back to brush their teeth and get dressed immediately after breakfast. Yes, I expect them to brush their teeth alone and get dressed. Olivia might need a little bit of help but she can pretty  much do everything. Give them some responsibility, they love it. Andy has been getting himself dressed for the past year and he is 4 1/2. Olivia will be 3 in September. (just FYI) Once they are dressed we are pretty much ready to head out the door.  I normally like to leave the house by 7:15 because I don't like being late. It's just not my style. :) 

Well hopefully that helped a few of you who might be dreading a new routine with your little ones as school is about to start in the next few weeks. Once again, figure out what works for you and them. Take it from there and give yourself a little bit of alone time in the morning, it's good for your soul. 

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