The Regent

It's already Wednesday and the week is half-way over. I say it all the time but time is flying! I can't believe we are already approaching Spring Break. Every time I think about giving up on teaching, Spring Break pops into my head. Well, along with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Summer. It's the best job, besides this blog, of course. What do you have planned for this weekend? I have a few things lined up.  I will be jogging 8 miles with two friends of mine as we train for our half marathon that is coming up VERY soon! 

I can't tell you how much I LOVE and OBSESS over this Regent Blazer from J.Crew. I love the fit, I love the colors, I love the material and I love the length. Did I mention I love this blazer? I scored it 40% off during one of the holiday sales. I should have grabbed another color and traded in one of my older blazers.  I think blazers are a "must have" in your closet. If not in red definitely in black or camel. White is great for Summer! I like to pair mine with just about anything. They dress up any outfit for a day or evening look plus you can wear them to work. I always feel like I could rule the world in a great blazer. I mean, totally a joke but maybe I can rule my house? 

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