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About Us

From the time the emphasis was on sparkling details, artificial materials, and complicated prints, we have stepped into the world of minimalism, natural shades, and simplicity. This new trend spilled over into the world of planners, where fans of efficient time management began to look for simple but tastefully designed diaries. One such is the Simply Ollie planner.

Wanting to combine her creativity, desire for good organization, and love for nature, Ivana Radovanović, a professional photographer and graphic designer, launched Simply Ollie - a brand of paper planners, stationery,  and accessories for planners. In about 2 months since the first planner saw the light of day, Simply Ollie won many hearts of planner lovers all over Serbia.

Ivana infused elements of nature into her planners, such as depictions of flowers and fruits, so among the best-selling planners were those with covers with a print of peaches, white flowers, and herbs. This appealing appearance of the planner serves its owners as motivation for daily planning of obligations in one of these calendars.


But this minimalist design and gentle shades are not the end of the story - behind these planners and their beautiful covers is a love for nature, the living world, and sustainability. That's why Ollie the mixed breed was chosen as the mascot of the brand.


Why do we still love planners?

Although we live in a world where modern technologies, smart devices, and applications rule, in the hearts of modern ladies there is still room for a little quality paper. Whether it's nostalgia for the days when we wrote down everything on paper, wrote letters and diaries, or it's just a desire to disconnect from our devices for a moment, planners are here to stay.

For all those who want to get organized, but also enjoy the unique design of their planners, Simply Ollie is here to organize every day full of tasks.

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